How is the seating laid out?
There are six main seating areas: Main Grandstand, Turn 2 Terrace, Turn 3 Terrace, Turn 7 Terrace, Turn 9 Terrace and the Save Mart Supermarkets Family Area at Turn 1. View our Seating Chart

Where are the best seats?
For an up-close look at the pits, as well as start/finish, the Main Grandstand can't be beat. The vendor midway is also a few steps away. For a great view of nearly the entire road course, the Turn 9 Terrace is a great option. Confer with a ticket sales rep before purchasing.

Where can I sit if I want to sit in the shade?
Rows 33 through 46 of the Main Grandstand (start /finish).

Where are the best seats to see most of the track?
The upper rows of Turns 7 & 9 offer the most commanding views of the raceway.

Where are the best seats to watch pit stops?
The Main Grandstand.

Where are the big screen video monitors located?
Main Grandstand, Turn 2, Turn 3, Turn 7, Turn 9

How do I buy tickets on the day of the race?
At the main spectator entrance points at Gates 7 (off Highway 121) and Gate 9 (off Lakeville Highway). At NASCAR, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance because of heavy demand by calling 800-870-RACE or linking here.

Where can I sit with my General Admission ticket?
Save Mart Family Area located at the base of the lap leader tower.

Where can I upgrade my tickets?
At the Ticket Upgrade Booth at the following locations:

  • Main Grandstand: behind Section D next to Ticket Pit Stop
  • Turn 2 Terrace: behind Section B
  • Turn 3 Terrace: behind Section D
  • Turn 7 Terrace: behind Section C
  • Turn 9 Terrace: behind Section E

*all upgrades are subject to availability.

Where can I purchase tickets and camping for future events?
Call 800-870-RACE (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) or purchase tickets online

Where can I renew my ticket package for the next season?
If attending a major event, visit the Ticket Pit Stop behind the Main Grandstand. Or, call 800-870-RACE.


How can I gain access to drivers?
The raceway offers a number of ticket packages featuring top NASCAR drivers Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and more. Stay tuned to the Web-site for further announcements or call 800-870-RACE.

How can I get a pit pass and gain access to pre-race?
Pre Race Pit & Track passes are available for NASCAR Sunday while supplies last by calling 800-870-RACE (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). The raceway does not allow access to Friday and Saturday of race weekend. Discount Ticket Packages

What are the age and clothing restrictions in the NASCAR Pit Area?
Adults 18 years old & older. No sleeveless shirts, tank tops or open-toed shoes are allowed.

How can I get into the luxury suites?
Ask about the NASCAR Pit Road Club by calling 800-870-RACE (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.).

How can I get access to a hospitality tent?
Club 7 offers light hospitality for all three days of the Toyota/Save Mart 350, including a driver appearance, reserved parking or half-price camping (50 acres or Cougar Mountain campgrounds). Call (800-870-RACE (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). Discount Ticket Packages

Parking / Suttles

Is parking FREE?
General parking is FREE.

Can I purchase Preferred Parking close to my seat? 
The raceway has introduced Turn 9 Tailgater Parking! A limited number of spaces are available just below the Turn 9 Terrace. Call or click today to guarantee your parking space. Discount Ticket Packages

How can I get around the facility?
The raceway offers a free shuttle service. Shuttle stops are located near all major seating and parking areas. When you arrive at the raceway, please note the color and number of your parking lot. Shuttle routes are color-coded and match the colors in the parking lots.

Disabled Seating / Access

Where are the disabled seating areas located?
The raceway offers disabled-access seating in all seating areas. Call 800-870-RACE (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Where do disabled guests park?
Enter Gate 1 (off Highway 121), and you will be directed to one of two disabled guest parking areas. Shuttles will take you from the parking area to pick-up/drop-off booths located near all major seating and vendor areas.

How can I get a handicapped wristband for the shuttles?
Disabled guests with valid identification will receive wristbands. Enter Gate 1 (off Highway 121) and you will be directed to a disabled guest check-in, where you will receive your wristband, which allows access to the disabled guest shuttles and Main Grandstand elevator.

If I do not have official identification as a disabled guest, but am impaired in some way, how can I get a wristband to use the Main Grandstand elevator?
Elevator wristbands are available at Guest Services, located at Gate 1 (off Highway 121) and at the Ticket Pit Stop, located behind Section D of the Main Gandstand.

How do I exchange a non-wheelchair seat location for a wheelchair seat location?
Visit one of our Ticket Upgrade Booths (all seat locations are subject to availability):

  • Main Grandstand: behind Section D next to Ticket Pit Stop
  • Turn 2 Terrace: behind Section B
  • Turn 3 Terrace: behind Section D
  • Turn 7 Terrace: behind Section C
  • Turn 9 Terrace: behind Section E


At what age is a child FREE?
Kids 12 and under are FREE on several major event weekend days.

At what events are children 12 and under FREE?
AMA motorcycles (May 4-6), Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival (June 2-3), NASCAR Pole Day (June 22), NHRA Division 7 Drags (July 20-22) and INDYCAR Friday and Saturday (Aug. 24-25).

Are there days when children's tickets are discounted?
Yes, NASCAR Saturday (June 23), NHRA all weekend (July 27-29), INDYCAR Sunday (Aug. 26).

Where do I get child ID wristbands?
Families with young children can get a child ID wristband to assist in locating the child in the event he/she becomes lost. Just stop by Guest Services, which is located at Gate 1, or the Information Booth behind the Main Grandstand.

What happens / where do I go if my child is lost?
Children separated from their parents or guardians will be taken to Guest Services located at Gate 1.

Can I just put my small child on my lap?
Children under 2 years of age may accompany their caregiver free of charge at any event but must sit on their caregiver's lap.

Race Day Needs / General

Where can I buy earplugs?
Wine Country Motorsports, located at the south-end of the main paddock next to the Raceway Café. During NASCAR and NHRA earplugs may be purchased at any raceway souvenir location.

Where can I buy ice?
Raceway Café, located at the south-end of the main paddock.

What is allowed into the raceway?
Race fans can bring the following items into the raceway: Coolers (15x15x15), Bags/Backpacks (18x18x6), Plastic Bottles, and Seat Cushions.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, but dogs are only allowed in camping areas.

How can I find out where a certain vendor is located?
Visit the Ticket Pit Stop, located behind section D of the Main Grandstand, or a Information Center. Information Centers are located near all major seating areas during the NASCAR and NHRA events.

Where can I get a beer?
Concession stands selling beer are located near all major seating areas.

Where are the ATMs located?
Bank of America ATMs are located at the Raceway Café, at the south end of the main paddock, as well as behind Section A of the Main Grandstand. During the NASCAR, NHRA and INDYCAR events, additional ATMs are set-up near every major seating area. Please refer to your event specific Fan Guide, available at all Information Centers, for locations.

Where can I find information about hotels in the area?
Area Hotels

Where are First Aid Stations?

  • Main Grandstand, behind section I
  • Turn 2 Terrace, behind section B
  • Turn 3 Terrace, behind section D
  • Turn 7 Terrace, behind section B
  • Turn 9 Terrace, behind section E

How do I get a Tour of the Facility?
Tours of the raceway can be arranged by calling the Ticket Office at (800) 870-RACE (7223) x143. (M-F, 8-5)


How many campgrounds are there on the property?
Depending on the event, there are up to four campgrounds at the raceway. Please refer to the Camping section of the Web-site for camping maps and locations.

Can I see the track and the racing from any of the campgrounds?
The Trackside RV Terraces above Turn 4 offer a great view of the raceway, especially rows A and B. There are also RV spots above Turn 8 on the road course that offer a great view.

Are there showers available at the race track?
Showers are available for purchase in the 50 Acres Campground, located across Highway 121, during the NASCAR and NHRA events.

Are hookups available at the camp spaces?
There are no hook-ups available at the raceway. RV pump-and-dump services and fresh water may be purchased. Detailed camping information will be available when you arrive at the raceway.

How do I make arrangements for water and sewage services?
RV pump-and-dump services are available at all major events at the raceway. Detailed information, including service pricing and scheduling times, will be given to you during camping check-in.

What lot can my friends park in overnight if they are staying in my motor home?
Camping guests can park overnight in the following lots:

  • Trackside RV Terraces Rows A-G, Lot 4
  • Trackside RV Terraces Turn 8, Lot 13
  • Carousel Campground, Lot 13
  • Cougar Mountain Campground, Lot 7
  • 50 Acres Campground, General Parking Area

What do I do with my additional vehicle pass?
Each camping pass includes one Additional Vehicle Pass. Additional Vehicle Passes, along with your weekend tickets, make it easier for you to exit and re-enter the facility in a vehicle other than your RV.

When does the track open for camper arrival?
Campgrounds open at noon on Thursday prior to event weekends.