The Raceway Hospitality Chalet Villages overlooking turns 2, 3 and 4 are the perfect place to entertain a larger number of guests, whether as part of a sales incentive program, product introduction, or consumer reward promotion. Designed for parties of 25 or more. the Hospitality Chalets are tailored to meet your specific needs: number of guests, tent size, interior setup and catered-menu selections. Closed-circuit television can provide complete race coverage and many companies choose to decorate their areas with the appropriate corporate identity. For early arrivals, pit and garage tours may be arranged for an up-close look at major league motor sports.

Your private canopy in Chalet Village is the ideal place to entertain and be entertained. With quaint umbrella patio tables and a picket fence, this relaxing village is the perfect place to enjoy race day. Your chalet includes:

Package details:

  • Decorative tent with sides
  • Picket fence patio
  • Pre-race pit access
  • Tables and chairs to accommodate 100% seating
  • Identification sign
  • Limited preferred parking passes
  • Hospitality passes
  • Closed circuit television
  • Pre-race pit access
  • The opportunity to display flags, signs, and other decorations within your chalet

To arrange a tour or receive photographs via jpg e-mail attachments, or to just obtain further information:

Call: Brad Lawrence - 707-933-3939 Email Brad Lawrence

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